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The basic requirement to run KPInator is an Apache, MySQL and PHP (AMP) stack. The application was developed on a Linux system, i.e. a LAMP stack; but I can think of no good reason why it shouldn’t work on a Windows system as well. However you may find it easier to configure and get working if you stick to Linux.

As KPInator has been developed using the CakePHP framework its requirements are closely tied to CakePHP:

  • CakePHP version 1.2.3 or greater
  • A web server. Apache using the mod_rewrite module is prefered. If you try to use IIS you may find support is limited.
  • PHP version greater than 5.1. CakePHP will work on PHP 4; but JPGraph will not.
  • MySQL version 4 or greater. Same comment applies.
  • JPGraph version 3 or greater.

Just a note on JPGraph. You must make sure you comply with the correct JPGraph license for your situation.

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